President’s Notes: Braces.

January 10, 2012

Everyone these days want braces,to make their teeth straight. and it’s easy, Right? WRONG!

If you want braces, think about the side effects. if your teeth are being moved in your mouth, can you remember the pain of when you lost your baby teeth?imagine that every second that you move your mouth for the first week.

also, the price of this pain is incredible! Which woud you prefer, a million bucks, or 1/3 of an average Americans friends having braces.Yup, a metal wire glued to your teeth costs 5000 dollars.

I would have preferred the 5000 bucks to these hard, painful strips of metal.

But, to be fair to the braces, there is 1 upside. Jello Diet!!


Don’t like zombie apocalypses? Too bad!

celebrate christmas and new years day with songs like “i want a zombie for christmas” or “the 12 diseases of Christmas”, and make your new years resolution to kill 5 more zombies than last year!

Merry Christmas everyone!

— the president of the U.P.S.

This is The united plates of sliceofpiea. My name is Evan, but mainly I refer to myself as the president of the U.P.S.

My blog  is a site created for people that arn’t exactly average,and have random interests.If you have interests in things like pies and other random things, than this is a blog for you

By looking at this blog, you probably know 2 things. pies and platypi(yes, the plural of platypus is platypi.)Well, what can I say. I Like Pie!

This blog is seperated into 4 categories.

1.The Omniscient platypus

My news network.The platypus is immortal, but he still goes to dangerous places to bring you the latest news.So treat him with respect.

After all, He is Omniscient.

2.The pie of the week

Every week is the same. Go to school. Go home .Eat. Sleep. Repeat.this is to spice it up a bit. most kids would just know the month.but using the pie of the week, every week is special.

3. the Ultimate Flan.

from photoshop to catchphrases,this is the mot random pile of information on the interweb! (who cares about the internet, the interwebs are so much better!)

4.presidents notes.

The comments on my life, so that i can complain to every single person on the interwebs!

So enjoy!

I like pie

—The president of the U.P.S.

fart with the purple elephant. the song is the best, most annoying and funnest song in the world.


Fart wit the purple Elephant!  watch him fly!

Fart wit the purple Elephant! jet propulsion! bye!

Fart wit the purple Elephant! fart until you die!

Fart wit the purple Elephant! say good-bye!

Fart wit the purple Elephant! wait! he’s still alive!

Fart wit the purple Elephant! eat some pie!

Fart wit the purple Elephant! fart until you die!


…And die!


hope you liked it. i invented it. with my friend we revised and edited it. hopefully it will be a video soon.

oh, and there’s a club. it’s called: Purple Farts CL.™ to join, make a small donation of    1ooo000 dollars.

ha! just kidding. the club is exclusive. oh, and have you noticed purple farts cl. sounds like green thumbs cl.

we’re at war with them.